Fundamental Physics/Quantum


A massless quantity of a constant value known as Plank's constant



Value of h


Mathematical formula


Quantum energy or PhotonEdit

Represents the energy of electromagnetic heat


From above,


Heat energy wave of a massless quantity known as quantum travels at a fast speed equals to speed of visible light


Wave-Particle dualityEdit

Quanta processes Wave-Particle duality . Quanta exists as wave or particle

Some time Quanta behaves as a particle


Some other time Quanta behaves as a wave


Photon's stateEdit

Photon represents quantum's energy


Which can be found in 2 states Radiant photon and no-radiant photon . Radiant photon generates light just like visible light . Non-radiant photon generates electricity

  • Radiant photon .  
  • Non - radiant photon .