Fundamental Physics/Physics formulas


Solid . Đồng (Cu) , Sát(Fe) , ...
Liquid . Nước(H2O), ...
Gas . Ôxygen (O2)



Rutherford charged particle distribution model


Borh circular quantum energy model



Force Graph Symbol Mathematical formula
Motion force -->O --> O    
Impulse -->O -->    
Opposition force    
Presure force    
Elastic force    
Friction force    
Circulation force    
Centripetal force    
Electrostatic force    
Electrodynamic force    
Electromomagnetomotive force    
Electromagnetic force    


Momentum O -->  

Uniform horizontal linear motion

O --> O


Uniform vertical linear motion


Uniform inclined linear motion


Non uniform curve motion


Uniform circular motion


Non uniform circular motion


Sinusodal wave motion


Spring's vertical oscillation wave

Spring's horizontal oscillation wave


Pendulum's vertical oscillation wave

Electric current oscillation wave

Electric current decay oscillation wave

Electromagnetic oscillation wave

Relative motion

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Electricity types and electricity sources
Electricity Mathematical formula Electricity source
DC electricity provides constant voltage over time
AC electricity provides time varying sinusoidal voltage over time
Electromagnetic induction
DC and AC response of electric conductors
Electricity DC AC






Electric devices

Electric exponential decay

RC series


Electric exponential decay
RL series


Electric current oscillation



Electric voltage standing wave oscillation



Electric current decay oscillation



Phương trình trên có nghiệm như sau
  . 1 nghiệm thực
  . 2 nghiệm thực
  . 2 nghiệm phức

Electric peak current oscillation



Electromagnetic wave oscillation


Phương trình vector dao động điện từ

Phương trình sóng

Hàm số sóng
Sóng điện từ

Low frequency voltage stabilizer



Low frequency voltage stabilizer



High frequency voltage stabilizer




High frequency voltage stabilizer



Band pass voltage stabilizer



Band pass voltage stabilizer




Electromagnetic fields
A straight line conductor    

A circular loop conductor



A coil of N circular loop conductor






Electromagnetic oscillation



Electromagnetic wave



Electromagnetic wave radiation