Exam 98-382: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript/Program with Variables, Data Types, and Functions

This lesson covers primitive data types, arrays, objects, Math functions, and user-defined functions.[1]

Readings Edit

  1. Mozilla: JavaScript First Steps
  2. Mozilla: JavaScript Building Blocks

Activities Edit

  1. W3Resources: JavaScript Basic Exercises
  2. W3Resources: Functions Exercises

Declare and use variables of primitive data types Edit

Number; Boolean; String; Null; Undefined; typeof operator; type checking functions; use strict; converting between data types; formatting numbers; string operations; single quote vs double quote (nesting); initialization

Declare and use arrays Edit

Single-dimensional arrays; multi-dimensional arrays; iteration; initialization; define an array; sort and search an array; use push, pop, shift, and unshift methods; use the length property; access an array element;

Complete and debug code that uses objects Edit

Properties; methods; instantiation; Date object; retrieve date and time parts; localize date format (MM/DD vs DD/MM); add and subtract dates

Complete and debug code that uses built-in Math functions Edit

Random; round; abs; floor; ceiling; min; max; pow; sqrt

Complete and debug a function that accepts parameters and returns a value Edit

Reusable code; local versus global scope, redefine variables, pass parameters, value versus reference, return values

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