How to write Blog / SEO content that doesn't suck.

Stop stuffing keywords into your content & start stuffing traffic into your site (and ultimately money into your pockets).

But seriously, don't keep your money in your pockets that's just looney.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Blog Writing edit

welcome to content 101 intro to blogging in this course as you can see we are going to cover a lot of foundational

stuff um you know why blogging why you even do it some different types of website content and then different types of blog

articles this is going to help you understand what to write and when and the purpose behind it we're going to

cover some key Concepts that you need to

know if you want to be able to write

blog posts successfully and actually get

money from it things like search volume

keyword difficulty keyword research serp

and search intent if you don't

understand things these types of things

like most bloggers you're just going to

be writing that's never going to

make you any money or help progress your

business forward but we're going to

cover that

we're also going to touch on some

intermediate Concepts like topic

clustering and keyword density and serp

features and why those are important and

just kind of get those topics sort of

seeded into your mind and these are

things that we're really going to go

more in depth in when we start talking

about creating a Content strategy for

your blog and actually how to write the

posts and then further on how to promote

them and these are all things that tie

together but it's good they're probably

going to be reinforced later as well but

it's good to sort of get an idea about

this right here so we're going to give

an overview of all this stuff and

basically cue you up to the point where

uh you're going to understand

how to blog and like why why people blog

and how to do it successfully and to be

honest a majority of people blogging do

it wrong in fact

how many blogs are there a day

so in March there were over four million blog posts published every day and I guarantee that

a very large majority of those people

are not doing all this stuff and they're

pretty much just blogging for no reason

right if you don't know how to do the

stuff properly if you don't follow these

Concepts you will almost literally be blogging for no reason so we're going to make sure that doesn't happen so you understand the importance and how to take advantage of all the opportunity that's out there but first we got to start with the basics and the fundamentals and that's what we're covering in this course.