Adobe Illustrator

Welcome to the School of Graphic Design's Adobe Illustrator learning project. In this learning project, you will learn the basic elements of Adobe Illustrator and how to use it to accomplish simple tasks. Many versions of Illustrator are used in these lessons, as this was created by many users. Use the screenshots as a guideline, not as a definitive. The lessons in this learning project will walk you through a variety of subject areas.


Getting Started with IllustratorEdit

  1. Introduction To Adobe Illustrator
  2. The Illustrator Workspace
  3. Creating A New File

Introduction to Illustrator ToolsEdit

Group 1Edit

  1. Selection Tool
  2. Direct Selection Tool
  3. Group Selection Tool
  4. Magic Wand Tool
  5. Lasso Tool

Group 2Edit

  1. Pen Tool
  2. Add Anchor Tool
  3. Delete Anchor Tool
  4. Convert Anchor Tool
  5. Type Tool
  6. Area Type Tool
  7. Vertical Type Tool
  8. Vertical Area Type Tool
  9. Vertical Type on a Path Tool

Group 3Edit

  1. Line Tool
  2. Arc Tool
  3. Spiral Tool
  4. Rectangular Grid Tool
  5. Polar Grid Tool

Group 4Edit

  1. Eraser Tool
  2. Background Eraser Tool
  3. Magic Eraser Tool
  4. Paint Bucket Tool
  5. Gradient Tool

Group 5Edit

  1. Blur Tool
  2. Sharpen Tool
  3. Sdmuge Tool
  4. Path Selection Tool
  5. Direct Selection Tool

Group 6Edit

  1. Type Tools
  2. Pen Tools
  3. Shape Tools
  4. Notes Tool
  5. Eyedropper Tool

Basic EditingEdit

Advanced Editing TutorialsEdit

  1. Background_Removal
  2. Simple Photography Editing

Miscellaneous Tutorials and InformationEdit

  1. Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Understanding File Types

See AlsoEdit